Chapter Committees and Directors

Academic Partnerships

  • Provide liaison with academic institutions
  • Establish opportunities to brief appropriate classes of academic institutions on ISACA®, CISA®, CISM®, CGEIT®, CRISC® and IT governance
  • Coordinate scholarship initiatives approved by the Board
  • Liaise with appropriate professors, and where appropriate take steps to establish an "Academic Advocate" program in local academic institutions


  • Maintain resource material related to CISA®, CISM®, CGEIT®, & CRISC® certification
  • Promote CISA®, CISM®, CGEIT®, CRISC® accreditation within the Chapter membership, including exam preparation sessions
  • Maintain exam participation rate to sustain the local area as an exam writing site
  • Report to Chapter Board on exam results » Act as a liaison between exam participants and the Association

Columbus Security Series Committee

  • Identify topics for Columbus Events
  • Recruit speakers for events
  • Educate the community on the values of ISACA
  • Invite community leaders to participate in Columbus events
  • Coordinate with volunteers to meet the needs of Columbus activities
  • Coordinate logistics for events
  • Develop marketing outreach to local security/audit leaders


  • Maintain accurate lists of membership
  • Disseminate membership lists as directed by Chapter Board, with due regard to security and privacy issues
  • Report on membership data from the Association
  • Maintain electronic email lists of members and guests
  • Forward information on events and other pertinent information to email lists
  • Identify and use other means of disseminating information about events and the chapter.

Corporate Relations

  • Works in conjunction with the President to develop lasting relationships with local corporations in order to increase the awareness of ISACA and its mission to promote the IT governance IS audit and control, quality assurance, and security fields
  • Serves as the primary point of contact for all vendor solicitations and identifications and recruitment of corporate sponsors
  • Is responsible for ensuring that vendor requirements and needs are incorporated into Chapter event planning. 

IT Governance/COBIT

  • Encourage Chapter membership to participate in review of Association standards and guidelines » Provide liaison with Association regarding IT governance issues and approaches to dissemination
  • Assist in the inclusion of IT governance presentations in the chapter education sessions
  • Coordinate with outside bodies on awareness, presentations and conferences related to IT governance
  • Stay current with the offerings of the Association as related to COBIT
  • Arrange training sessions on COBIT
  • Assist in expanding awareness and use of COBIT. 

Director at Large

  • Contribute to the work of the Board on a wide variety of topics and projects, as directed by the President and Board
  • Provide for an independent audit of the financial affairs of the Chapter, at least annually, and at such other times as it may deem advisable.
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  • Conduct general marketing and publicity of the Chapter, CISA®, CISM® & CGEIT®, CRISC®, COBIT and the Association
  • Coordinate initiatives involving partnerships and alliances
  • Acquire any required marketing materials from ISACA International as authorized by the Board
  • Exercise general policy control and direction of any mail-out kits, publications, editorial or advertising which the Chapter may issue, authorize or sponsor under the direction of the Chapter Board. 


  • Promote interest in the Chapter, and in the Association, and conduct an ongoing membership campaign
  • Coordinate plans for maintaining and increasing Chapter membership
  • When requested by the Association, the local Chapter, through its membership committee, shall receive and forward applications for membership to the Association. 


  • Recruit speakers for chapter activities
  • Coordinate logistics for all chapter events
  • Chair the programming committee
  • Plan chapter activities and align these to budget.

Volunteer Activities

  • Establishes and maintains a Chapter volunteer program
  • Coordinates new volunteers to meet the needs of chapter programming and activities
  • Works with the Directors of Programming, Membership and Certifications to align volunteers to planned Chapter activities and budget
  • Primary point of contact for all volunteer recruitment and contact.
  • If you are interesting in volunteering or submitting your nomination for a position, please contact our chapter secretary for more information about getting involved with your ISACA Atlanta chapter.