Board of Director Positions

Notice of 2022 Board of Director Elections.  Members can run for the following positions:

  • President – Responsible for strategically leading the chapter and providing oversight of Chapter operations and events.

  • Treasurer – Responsible for managing the Chapter’s finances using Sage Business and reporting to membership, global, and the Registry of Joint Stocks.

  • Marketing and Communications – Responsible for managing chapter communications and marketing events.

  • Membership – Responsible for communicating and supporting our members.

  • Director at Large (Academics) – Responsible for advocating for existing student members or potential student members.

  • Director at Large (Symposium) – Responsible for planning and managing the Chapter’s annual symposium.

  • Directors at Large (Event Management) (4 Positions) – Responsible for advocating for membership in their respective region and planning and hosting events.


The Board is also accepting applications for Associate Directors to provide support for the Chapter’s various initiatives and events.  Associate Directors are appointed by the board for a 1-year term with the option of reapplying each year. Potential roles for Associate Directors include and are not limited to:

  • CommunITy Day – Lead the chapter’s annual Food Drive in support of ISACA Global’s CommunITy event.

  • Marketing and Communications – Support the development of marketing materials or graphics.

  • Symposium – Support the planning and running of the Chapter’s annual conference.

  • Professional Development and Growth – Support the Chapter’s efforts to enhance members ability to network and increase opportunities to obtain work.

  • Privacy – Advocate for ensuring the field of Privacy in considered in our events and operations.

  • Event Management - Support the planning of chapter events including identifying and securing speakers.