Starts:  Dec 10, 2020 9:00 AM (BE)
Ends:  Jan 29, 2021 5:00 PM (BE)

API summitA company without APIs is almost something like an organisation without a website 15 years ago. Every company that embraces an ecosystem will have to transform into an API first strategy.

Attend our sponsored online ONLY event, listen to thought leaders, and industry experts on their API lifecycle stories. What were their goals in deploying an API, what technologies did they choose, and how did they measure success on their API initiatives?

In light of the theme ‘API MATURITY – WHAT’S YOUR NEXT STEP’, several speakers will discuss the maturity of their API management and share how you can best benefit from their experiences

During Heliview’s online event, the focus is on sharing knowledge and networking. Enrich your knowledge by viewing various inspirational talk shows, interviews and presentations over a 30-day period. We recorded this video content for you in advance in our Heliview Studio. Do you have any questions? You can easily plan your own meetings with the partners who make the online event possible. These may be short introductory meetings, but also in-depth expert meetings. The choice is yours!

You will find the exclusive video content in our online platform, EventManager. We hope you enjoy viewing, listening and networking online!


  • You can obtain information at times to suit you, or develop yourself further as a professional.
  • You connect with experts through 1-to-1 expert and network meetings.
  • You will be given access to a wide range of different types of TALKS.
  • You can get back up to speed and everything is completely online.


Simply register and, as soon as the first video content is online, a notification will be sent to you. You will very probably receive, by email, invitations from our partners to plan a network meeting. To properly target the invitations, they will take a look at your interests; you decide, of course, whether you wish to accept the invitations.


As a participant, you can also easily plan your own online meetings. Do you have a specific request for help and need more in-depth advice? If so, invite a partner to attend an expert meeting, which will last approximately 30 minutes.


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