COBIT for Small and Medium Enterprises Using COBIT 2019

When:  Feb 8, 2022 from 17:30 to 19:30 (BE)
COBIT for Small and Medium Enterprises Using COBIT 2019 - COBIT’s Value for SMEs
Purpose, content and how to use this guide

In this Webinar, Greet Volders, author of the newly released guide—COBIT for Small and Medium Enterprises— will explain the purpose and content of this guide.
- You will receive a clear introduction to enterprise governance of information and technology (EGIT) for Small and Medium Enterprises
- You will learn how to get started with your own governance initiative
- You will learn how to use the information about the governance and management objectives, how they are linked to organizational functions, which inputs are used by the related processes, and which outputs they produce.
- You will get an explanation of some simple tools that can help you to define if it is applicable for your organization and how to scope your governance program.

Context of this Webinar
- For small and medium enterprises, information & technology (I&T) has become crucial for support, sustainability and growth. Previously, boards of directors and senior management could delegate, ignore or avoid I&T-related decisions. But today, such attitudes are ill-advised, to put it mildly.
- SMEs are, just like large enterprises, increasingly dependent on technology and digitization (and thus, I&T for survival and growth). Therefore, top management needs to be involved in the management of I&T assets.
- Some familiar with COBIT have commented that it is an excellent resource for larger enterprises, but it is difficult to implement in a smaller enterprise setting. This publication puts COBIT concepts in a small to medium context, allowing those enterprises to adopt pertinent COBIT concepts tailored to their size, scope and industry, enabling the benefits afforded by implementing COBIT. The publication provides examples of the tools needed to scope a governance program and define priorities.

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The presenter for this session will be

Greet Volders, CGEIT, is a Managing Consultant and Chief Executive Officer of Voquals N.V., which she founded in 1995. Her main activity is providing advice for customers, and she regularly gives training and seminars related to enterprise governance of IT, process improvement and IT/business alignment. In 2004, Volders became an accredited trainer for the COBIT Foundation course and the IT Governance Implementation training, using COBIT, which she has continued for COBIT 5 and COBIT 2019. Since 2002, she has been an active member in several development teams for COBIT and she is regularly asked to serve as an expert reviewer for ISACA publications. She can be reached at .

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