Digital Identity & Trust Summit

When:  Nov 19, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (BE)

Where Business, ICT & Security Professionals Meet

IAM is too often seen as a technical topic that cost organisations only money… The reverse is true, it should be seen as a key enabler! 

Of course there is IAM purely for security and compliance reasons (which we will certainly not forget during our conference). However, organisations that master e-Identities can provide controlled access to their services/data in a controlled way. Think eg about the booming of egov-applications following the birth of the Belgian eID-card or about the large number of applications that allow you to log on with your facebook- or google-identity. 

How to provide access to an ever increasing number of online applications  in a distributed and cloud-based environment? Luckily we now have solutions like federation, single-sign-on and trusted online e-Identities. Think about eg ITSME at a Belgian-level (and probably others following soon), as well as multiple European Member States scramble to get their electronic Identity certified/notified so that it can be used and must be recognized across borders. 

If that is not enough we are now facing the booming of the API-economy and the integration of services via APIs. This in combination with GDPR poses the additional challenge that organisations must be able to ensure only authorized /consented access is being given… forcing organisations to integrate access controls into their APIs.

In addition to all the above additional aspects come to play like role management, IAM governance, auditing/attestations, data loss prevention, etc.

Again, this year’s conference promises to be very rich in content and topics to discuss about.

19th November 2019

Square Brussels
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