ISACA-CMC September 2021 Monthly Virtual Training

Starts:  Sep 15, 2021 13:00 (ET)
Ends:  Sep 16, 2021 17:00 (ET)

The ISACA Central Maryland Chapter invites you to our virtual training event on Wednesday, September 15 & Thursday, September 16, 2021“Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Internal Audit” and “Crisis and Change Management – Internal Audit Involvement” and, “Auditing Disaster Recovery/Business Resumption Planning” and “Ethics and Internal Audit”. ISACA Members, risk management, governance, and internal control professionals and practitioners new to the field and those with years of experience will benefit from this event. The training event offers an opportunity to build on your knowledge and skills. The training session is a two-day (afternoons only) webinar via Zoom.  After registration, you will receive the Zoom registration email.  See Zoom Instructions below for further information.

Note: 1 of the 4 courses within the training covers Ethics for 2CPEs.

Speaker: John Gatto (Bios are located under the "Speakers" tab)

Topic Day 1: “Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Internal Audit”
Session description: This session will review the risks associated with ERM, the interaction between ERM and Internal Audit, and how best to ensure there is alignment. 
• Definition of ERM
• Risk Areas for ERM
• The need for ERM
• Obstacles for implementing ERM
• How Internal Audit can help ERM
Topic Day 1: “Crisis and Change Management – Internal Audit Involvement”
Session description: This session will review the implications and impacts of crisis management and organizational change management and what the internal auditor may need to do.
• Definition: Reputation Integrity & Crisis
• Crisis Management Planning
• Crisis Management Execution
• Audit’s Role
• Definition: Organizational Change Management
• Impacts on the organization
• What may be needed from Internal Audit
Topic Day 2: "Auditing Disaster Recovery/Business Resumption Planning”
Session description: This presentation will discuss the various components of a disaster recovery plan, the ten critical things the auditor should be considering when reviewing the plan, the different types of DR exercise approaches the auditor may encounter, and the detailed steps to follow when doing this type of audit. 
· The seven key categories within the DR plan that need to be in place and reviewed
· The makeup of a DR Plan / Exercise
· Audit focus points during the review
· Risk identification and mitigation
· Learn the benefits of doing a DR review
· Know how Business Continuity and DR are interweaved
Topic Day 2: “Ethics and Internal Audit”
Session description: In these turbulent times, ethics continues to be a frequent topic of corporate, shareholder, stakeholder, and regulatory conversations. Companies continue to look for ways to emphasize the importance of strong ethics, integrity, and proper conduct and seek strategies to embed processes within their organizational structure. Yet, incidents of bad behavior still occur. It is an ever-evolving phenomenon. Once we find the answer to address a specific issue, another question or problem arises.
Ethics impacts every professional's job regardless of status, tenure, or selected profession. For internal auditors, ethics can become a very sensitive issue and political dilemma when attempting to execute their responsibilities and fiduciary duties. Internal auditors are often put in positions where they must make difficult and uncomfortable inquiries. It can appear to management as an attack on personal integrity or on personal morals and ethics.
• Describe the IIA Code of Ethics
• Define the Principles and Rules of Conduct
• The 7 Attributes of Ethical Internal Auditors
• Blind spots faced by auditors
• Ethical decisions

We promise you a high knowledge value session. 

Earn 8 CPEs toward your CISM, CISA, or other certification (CPE credits are based on 50 minute increments)

Members $60.00
Non-Members $90.00
Retired Members $30.00
Full-time Students $30.00
(*Members Price is for all ISACA, IIA, ISSA, AGA, and CFE members)

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