Blockchain Technology: Current Challenges of Cryptocurrency - 16th Sept 2020

When:  Sep 16, 2020 from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM (GMT)
Bringing together experts from academia and industry to talk about the regulation of cryptocurrency, VFAs and the virtual token ecosystems.

If one imagined the cryptocurrencies trading on stock market, then cryptocurrencies would occupy the 13rd place in the S&P 500 rating (the top 500 largest companies by market capitalization listed on American stock exchanges). This is ahead of the Bank of America and the Diamond Off shore Drilling Corp. For years the cryptocurrency market remained unregulated which raised issues and concerns about money laundering, fraud, corruption and reconciliation with the global sanctions regime.

On one hand the crypto world capitalises on the decentralisation and anonymity of transactions, whilst on the other, some coins and tokens actually challenge the traditional banking and financial systems.

15:00 Introduction: Chris Recker, Trowers & Hamlins LLP

15:10 Cryptoassets, social media platforms and defence against terrorism financing suspicious activity reports: a step into the regulatory unknown’. Professor Nic Ryder

15:30 Digital Property and its Inheritance by Professor Umut Turksen

The traditional methods of determining tangible (e.g. real estate) and intangible assets (e.g. stocks and bonds) are not always easy to apply when it comes to digital assets and possessions. This uncertainty creates difficulties in establishing not only ownership but also inheritance rights. This talk will highlight open gaps and risks in law and practice.

15:50 Blockchain and GDPR by Professor Elhadj BENKHELIFA

Q&A Panel


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