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SAP best practices

  • 1.  SAP best practices

    Posted 27 Aug, 2019 10:32
    Could you please help me to develop a strong understanding of SAP Security and best practices solutions for SAP implementations.
    1- SAP security knowledge should include AP Authorization Concepts, Roles, Users Administration, and SOD conflict resolution, SAP Access Controls, & SAP GRC Suite.

    Appreciated if you can help me with this

    Marat Kaisseov

  • 2.  RE: SAP best practices

    Posted 28 Aug, 2019 03:59
    Hi Marat

    This us a free SAP Security booklet on a blog. Download the pdf. It has all SAP security concepts explained well.

    Also ISACA SAP Control Guides contain all major risk controls, authorization objects and tcodes and how to audit them in SAP application. Do refer those as well.

    Hope the above will suffice your query.


    Suyash Korde
    Manager Audit

  • 3.  RE: SAP best practices

    Posted 01 Sep, 2019 01:36
    Hi Marat,

    I would recommended reading ISACA's Security, Audit and Control Features SAP ERP, 4th Edition. It is an excellent book for beginners to intermediate SAP auditors.


    Murtuza Syed
    Internal Audit Manager

  • 4.  RE: SAP best practices

    Posted 04 Sep, 2019 18:07

    Depends on which SAP version, but you can start reading about the basics:
    R/3, ECC - please see comment above
    S/4 HANA - please see comment above

    Marino Mata