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Structure of an IS Audit Report

  • 1.  Structure of an IS Audit Report

    Posted 09 Mar, 2020 03:41
    Hi all,

    I believe we all have standard formats on how our reports are. Can we share the formats and a little explanation on why you include certain sections and why others are not considered?

    For example, some consider the following sections:
    1. Introduction (including a statement of audit objectives, limitations to the audit and scope, the period of audit coverage and a general statement on the nature and extent of audit procedures conducted and processes examined during the audit, followed by a statement on the IS audit methodology and guidelines.)
    2. Summary of Audit Findings
    3. Detailed audit findings
    4. Appendices (Report rating etc.)

    Thank you in advance.

    Veronica Rose, CISA
    Information Systems Auditor