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Senior IT Auditor

  • 1.  Senior IT Auditor

    Posted 30 Aug, 2019 07:35
    What are some of the questions you all have used when interviewing an individual for a Senior IT Auditor role?

  • 2.  RE: Senior IT Auditor

    Posted 30 Aug, 2019 11:53
    - COSO / COBIT / how you test ITGC / why IT audit is important / your technical experience / IT regulations / what is cloud / what is outsourcing .. etc..​

    Marat Kaisseov

  • 3.  RE: Senior IT Auditor

    Posted 03 Sep, 2019 09:37
    Journey-level experience in leading a group, handling complex and/or sensitive reviews, time management on multiple projects or competing deadlines, and working with diverse group of people (and personality/work ethics). Also, consider how the candidate will fit with the group/unit and your company culture.

    Rosalyn Pacquing
    Lead IT Auditor