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Data backup and recovery

  • 1.  Data backup and recovery

    Posted 05 Sep, 2019 08:33
    Hi All,

    We are in process of decommissioning a server that used to host a ticketing application for service requests, incidents, problems and change orders. From audit perspective, the data should be backed up and retained for certain period of time. My question is  if we have decommissioned the ticketing application, how would we recover it without using the application? what format of the data is usually backed up? Is there any requirements from financial statement audit perspective for what level of the data should be retained and abled to be recovered? for example, does it have to go back to the application interface level to see those tickets or just in like csv format?


    Kevin Li
    Senior Consultant, IT Audit and Compliance

  • 2.  RE: Data backup and recovery

    Posted 06 Sep, 2019 03:27

    Maybe it's posible to export all the documents in PDF format and keep it on a restricted file share?

    Regards, Ludo

    Ludo Schrijnemakers
    Senior ICT Auditor

  • 3.  RE: Data backup and recovery

    Posted 06 Sep, 2019 18:49
    Two elements:
    1) Save it in a format that can be restored when necessary, therefore, just like a normal back-up copy.
    2) For immediate reference purposes - save it in a format that can be viewed using ordinary Office app.

    Marino Mata

  • 4.  RE: Data backup and recovery

    Posted 01 Oct, 2019 13:16
    Usually the size of the data decides which format it needs to be kept for further use.

    Less amount of data can be exported into an excel while if the data is in TB you can't export it into an excel, which means you need use an RDMBS (Oralce or SQL or any open source RDBMS like mySQL/MongoDB) to store the tables and then when there is a need of data you can use the PL/SQL scripts to retrieve the data in future and set the expectation to business what shall be provided and in what form.

    Yusuf Hashmi
    CISA,CGEIT,CRISC,COBIT 5 (F), CIPR,MBCS,ISO 27001/22301/31000 LI, ITIL
    President, ISACA New Delhi Chapter