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Corona Virus outbreak

  • 1.  Corona Virus outbreak

    Posted 09 Feb, 2020 09:01
    With corona virus outbreak, I want to build a plan which covers epidemic for my company.

    We do not have this included in our BCP as scenario.
    Do you have any templates ?
    What should I make sure to be included?
    Any standards to read to make sure I cover everything ?
    Is it part of BCP plan , or should be separate.


    Marat Kaisseov

  • 2.  RE: Corona Virus outbreak

    Posted 12 Feb, 2020 06:10
    This should be part of BCP as in last 5 years, we have seen Swine flu, Ebola and now current outbreak.

    For start you can consider below:
    -Identify critical activities and the employees and inputs required to maintain them.
    -Consider the possible impact of employee absences.
    -Examine the likely impact of a pandemic on your business and on your customers' requirements
    -Understand the business need for face-to-face meetings during a pandemic
    -Understand the special needs of some employees during a pandemic
    -Consider the issues for business related travel during a pandemic
    -Consider the circumstances under which you might decide to  scale back or suspend operations during a pandemic
    -for service continuity , Cross-train, and identify alternative sources of labour. what will the plan for 'onsite' support if overseas travel is required.
    - Prepare policies on flexible work locations (e.g. teleworking) and flexible working times. You also need to if your remote working ICT infrastructure is capable of handling if 90% of staff working away from office?

    I hope this gives you enough to think.

    Pratik Shah
    Information Security Manager