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SAP MDG - A risk assessment approach (3x3 approach) - Example

  • 1.  SAP MDG - A risk assessment approach (3x3 approach) - Example

    Posted 15 Feb, 2020 10:49
    Here I am providing an example of a risk assessment approach over an MDG implementation scenarios.  In this Well-Controlled post, I discuss my example approach to provide a real-time assurance reporting on an MDG implementation; this approach can be used as a pre go-live or a post go-live assessment. This risk assessment covers the different aspects of data digital transformation streamlined by MDG, including Business Process Engineering, People Planning, Risk Management and Portfolio Management.

    My suggested approach is called 3x3 because it consists of three main areas, where each area has 3 sub-areas; in other words, there are 9 points in this risk assessments. Risk assessment practitioners need to examine these 9 points to effectively evaluate the business process and security risks around an MDG implementation; hence, the 3x3 approach was born

    Any suggestions or tweaks? Would you do something different?

    Link to more details:

    Mostafa Elghazaly
    Founder of Signify Solution