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Closure Activities and Audit

  • 1.  Closure Activities and Audit

    Posted 22 Jan, 2020 10:24
    Dear All,

    As part of implementing Cybersecurity controls, we have implemented the same for one of our projects. It is coming to an end in April month and we are expected to ensure that all the activities are taken care of till the project is completely closed and we need to do a closure audit to ensure all the controls are in place.

    Need guidance on what kind of activities need to be considered and what are the audit points to look at? Appreciate if there is a generic template for the audit that can be shared here.

    Thanks in advance.


    Vadiraj Managoli

  • 2.  RE: Closure Activities and Audit

    Posted 22 Jan, 2020 11:05
    Hi Vadiraj Mangoli,

    I am not sure how you have implemented the Cyber Security framework. There are multiple standards which guide for implementation of Cyber Security but I would recommend to go thorough below to get more insights.

    D Anand