Starts:  Aug 28, 2023 08:00 (VET)
Ends:  Aug 30, 2023 17:00 (VET)
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Trainer Jose Ibarra

Successful enterprises know that it is critical to align IT projects, assets and processes with their business strategies and business goals. CGEIT® is the first and only designation to recognize skilled IT governance professionals. It is the only IT governance certification that can give an individual the mindset to assess, design, implement and manage enterprise IT governance systems aligned with overall business goals.

The key value that CGEIT brings is to maximize business value through effective IT governance CGEIT course.

The workshop has a double objective: 

1) Help participants to acquire the knowledge of the CGEIT practices areas and apply it in their
organizations, and

2) To prepare those interested in pass the CGEIT exam to achieve the certification.

Target Audience:
Upper Management: Board Member, C-Suite, VP, Director, IT professionals supporting upper management (primary audience for CGEIT): Consultants, Senior Managers, Managers, Senior Engineers, any professional que wants to develop a career in the governance of IT.

Practice areas addressed are Governance of Enterprise IT Framework, Strategic Management, Resource Optimization, Benefits Realization, and Risk Optimization. During the course these areas will be covered in 4 domains:
- Domain 1 Governance of Enterprise IT
- Domain 2 IT Resources
- Domain 3 Benefits Realization
- Domain 4 Risk Optimization

During the workshop there will be an explanation of the main concepts, as well as practical exercises and several CGEIT questions, as well as a sample test.

Course Fees:

ISACA Member: US $650
ISACA Nonmember: US $700

CPE hours: 24


Remote proctoring exams available.
150 Questions (with 4 choices each one) across four domains:
• Domain 1 Governance of Enterprise IT: ~60 questions
• Domain 2 IT Resources: ~23 questions
• Domain 3 Benefits Realization: ~38 questions
• Domain 4 Risk Optimization: ~30 questions
• Four hour duration
• Score of 450 or higher to pass

CGEIT Review Manual:

For those want to prepare for the exam the CGEIT Review Manual has to be bought from the ISACA.ORG website link

Member pricing: Usd 109 / Non-Member pricing: Usd 139

You will receive ample study materials during the class, rendering the purchase of the booklet unnecessary to fully comprehend the concept of CGEIT.

Exam Fees:
Participants of the course will receive a certificate of participation at now cost. Exams is for those who seek the CGEIT Certification. We will have an extra 1/2 day of training to pre-pare for the exam on August 31, 2023 from 8:30 - 12:00
ISACA Member: US $575
ISACA Nonmember: US $760

CGEIT Benefits:

  • Reduce risk: CGEITs have the knowledge and experience necessary to support and advance the IT governance of an enterprise and ensure its IT and business systems align with optimal effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Create a common language: CGEITs have the ability to translate the board's vision throughout the organization down to the operational levels.
  • Drive business successes: From optimizing resources to developing strategies and prioritizing initiatives, a CGEIT delivers tailored IT governance systems to maximize the value IT delivers to the business.
  • Be prepared: Effective IT governance can set the right processes and procedures in place for business continuity planning and disaster recovery. Getting CGEIT holders in key roles can assure boards and upper management that the company can get through challenging
    times (EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES) with minimal disruption.


There are no prerequisites for taking part in this course.


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