Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory (online training)

Starts:  Apr 20, 2023 08:00 (VET)
Ends:  Apr 21, 2023 12:30 (VET)
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Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory – What’s new, what’s better. Digital transformation journey by Robert Brzezinski

We have spread this one day workshop over two morning sessions.


Are you looking to take your cybersecurity skills to the next level? Do you want to become an expert in protecting cloud-based systems like MS365 and Azure? Look no further than our comprehensive course in security for MS365 and Azure. Our expert instructors will guide you through the latest security protocols and best practices for MS365 and Azure.

This class provides updates and practical implementation guidance for adopting new, expanded Microsoft 365/AzureAD capabilities (based on M365 E3/E5 licensing), improving management, monitoring, security and auditing of Microsoft 365 configuration. 

This course incorporates real-world digital transformation scenarios for IT operations and security integration around Microsoft stack. Based on experiences from small and medium-large organizations (e.g. $75B assets management), the instructor will point to challenges, practical solutions and best practices for improving Return On Security Investment (ROSI) in Microsoft 365 products, and effective approaches for addressing digital transformation challenges.

At the end of the course students will be able to effectively identify and implement Microsoft 365/AzureAD configuration and integration improvement opportunities, 
implement continuous security audit and monitoring of the organization on-prem and Cloud resources, and track transformation progress to “move the needle”.

Audience profile:

This course is intended for IT professional, managers, system administrators, cybersecurity
teams and auditors and engineering teams responsible for maintenance, security and 
compliance of their Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory (AzureAD) environments. This is an intermediate/advanced level class, attendees are expected to be familiar with Microsoft 365 /AzureAD solutions.

Learning objectives:

At course completion students will understand better how to improve following programs and areas of IT security and operations (talking points/topics to be covered):

  • Digital transformation challenges – how to address them effectively. Simplicity versus complexity and confusion.
  • Security awareness - Phishing reporting and training – why integration matters?
  • Email protection – email protection: Proxy (e.g. Mimecast, Proofpoint) versus baked in Microsoft 365 Defender
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) - using Azure Active Directory (AzureAD/AAD) and conditional access policies (CAPs) powerhouse – doing it right, B2B collaboration, automating access reviews, and “To SaaS or Not To SaaS”
  • Device management – end user device management (Windows, Android, iOS) with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) – Do’s and Don’ts, and why Attack Surface Reduction (ASR) rules are critical
  • Inventories – making sure hardware and software inventories are NOT your Achilles heel with Microsoft 365 Defender
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management (TVM) with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MD4E) – Do we need vulnerability scanners, and working with security configuration baselines
  • TVM and patching teams effectiveness and challenges – how to get better at meeting organizational SLAs for patching
  • Cloud applications security, Shadow IT management and web content filtering – transitioning to Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps (MD4CApps)
  • (Extended) Endpoint Detection and Response (X)EDR – incident detection and response in Microsoft 365 Defender (MD4E) and Azure Sentinel (SIEM), and 3rd party Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) – why it’s so important, 3 rd party or Microsoft 365, how rule 
    customization’s can go wrong, and including USB and printers in DLP policies
  • Reporting – using Microsoft 365/Azure audit and compliance tools, data and reports to support the IT management/security story, suggested improvements, testing, audit and compliance reporting.

Students will receive PDF copies of entire course, including screenshots, talking points (PowerPoint) and supporting Excel spreadsheets. These resources will enable students to follow practical approaches and run hands on labs after the workshop in their own/test environments.

Instructor / author: Robert Brzezinski MBA, CISA, CHPS, CISM, M365 Security Admin, Azure Security Engineer, Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect

Workshop format:
1. Slide deck used for talking points and screenshots demonstrating M365 interface associated with specific topics – so attendees can find referenced solutions and configuration settings.
a. PDF version and additional materials provided to attendees – download from SharePoint or 
OD4B, will need attendees email address, or distributed by organizer
2. Microsoft tenant environment ( / demo) used for navigating through Microsoft 365 and Azure solutions and demonstrating some of the M365 functionality, security and configuration capabilities

CPE Points: 8 

Member Price: US $ 250

Non-Member Price: US $ 300


Online Instructions:
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