IoT Security: Hacking Embedded Devices

Starts:  Mar 24, 2021 08:00 (BOT)
Ends:  Mar 25, 2021 17:00 (BOT)
Trainer : Claudio Cilli
Duration : 2 days, 24-25 March 2021
Event Type : Online

Abstract : With the increasing use of embedded devices in our daily life, security threats have also been increasing in a proportional rate. However, ensuring security in the embedded systems has become a great challenge not only for the embedded device experts but also for the manufacturers. The problem especially arises because of the limited hardware and software implementation options for the designers. It has therefore become very urgent to ensure proper security of the embedded systems to save it from any major technological disaster in the near future.
We discuss the structures, characteristics and applications of different embedded devices in our daily life. Beside this, the author also talk about the different causes of security threats and some of suggested solutions to protect the systems from the attackers. The presentation show several dramatic examples, from how to hack your washing machine to have a self-driven car going off-road.

Training agenda.

—What is Cryptography?
—Purpose Of cryptography
—Architecture of cryptography
—- Types of Cryptography
—- Process of cryptography
—Types Of cryptography Algorithms
Attacks of cryptography

Covert Channels & Steganography
Why using covert channels?
Technology and examples
- Word manipulation
- Sound
- Image
- Watermarking
Digital Steganography
Network Steganography
Detecting Steganography
- Insider use of steganography
- Steganalysis

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Curacao, Dutch West Indies
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