May Chapter Meeting

When:  May 20, 2020 from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM (ET)

Membership Annual General Meeting

Year at a Glance
Charlie Murray, Vice President

Nominations & Awards
Keith Cheresko, Chairperson

Webinar Topic and Speaker

Simplifying Policy: Information Security on One Page
David Soubly, Principal, IT Security and Risk, ICEX (Intellectual Capital Exchange)

Why is information security policy so complex? What can we do about it? How many of you struggle to understand your company’s information security policy? How many are concerned that a policy manual meant to be read and understood by everyone is just too much to handle? How can we work to simplify information security policy, when the security industry itself introduces layers of complexity?

We will explore these issues, discussing the journey toward simplicity and how challenging it is be “just simple enough.” We will learn about the various forms of “debt” that can create drag in an organization. We will uncover the foundations of data, information, and knowledge, and what this has to do with understanding information security.

All of this will lead to a one-page information security policy, part of an ongoing quest to represent all of information security on one page, so that everyone gets it. You may not agree with the result, but the journey itself will be compelling.


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