2021 ISSA KC - Training - Ethical Hacking Attack Phases - June 26th - 8 CPEs

When:  Jun 26, 2021 from 08:00 to 17:30 (CT)
Associated with  Greater Kansas City Chapter

 This is a partner event, courtesy of Kansas City ISSA Chapter

Training/workshop Topic: Hacking Attack Phases


Date = June 26th, Saturday

Time = 8 - 5 pm ( 8 hours)

Location = virtual

8 CPEs & eBook


Training/Workshop Summary:

In this workshop you will learn system hacking, following this you will learn how to hack and assess web applications. Once you have practices these hacks, you will learn attacks that target wireless devices as well as mobile devices. You will be introduced to techniques to identify the attack surface and then the vectors for attack depending on the device(s) encountered.


Session One: System Hacking

• Overview of CEH Hacking Methodology

• Understanding Techniques to Gain Access to the System

• Understanding Privilege Escalation Techniques

• Understanding Techniques to Create and Maintain Remote Access to the System

• Overview of Different Types of Rootkits

• Overview of Steganography and Steganalysis Techniques

• Understanding Techniques to Hide the Evidence of Compromise

• Overview of System Hacking Penetration Testing

– LAB: System Hacking


Session Two: Hacking Web Applications

• Understanding Web Application Threats

• Understanding Web Application Hacking Methodology

• Web Application Hacking Tools

• Web Application Security Tools

• Overview of Web Application Penetration Testing

– LAB: Web Applications


Session Three: Hacking Wireless Networks

• Understanding Wireless Encryption Algorithms

• Understanding Wireless Threats

• Understanding Wireless Hacking Methodology

• Wireless Hacking Tools

• Understanding Bluetooth Hacking Techniques

• Wireless Security Tools

• Overview of Wireless Penetration Testing

– LAB: Hacking Wireless Networks


Session Four: Hacking Mobile Platforms

• Understanding Mobile Platform Attack Vectors

• Understanding various Android Threats and Attacks

• Understanding various iOS Threats and Attacks

• Mobile Security Guidelines and Security Tools

• Overview of Mobile Penetration Testing

– LAB: Hacking Mobile Networks



Kevin King



ISSA KC members = $120

Non-Members =$140






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Url: http://kc.issa.org
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