When:  Jun 30, 2020 from 09:00 to 17:00 (ET)
We hope you’ll join us for this invitation-only virtual event to hear live from the Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™, an elite team of researchers fighting to stay one step ahead of evolving cyber threats. During the Summit they’ll share their insights into how sophisticated threat actors are constantly adapting to overcome operational challenges and meet their objectives, whether that is financial gain through extortion or banking fraud, or long-term persistent access for surveillance and espionage.

Agenda sessions include:

•In the midst of COVID-19, the cyber threat has felt much more present, but how much of this is fear vs. reality? We look at how much the threat landscape has (or hasn’t) changed through the course of the global pandemic.
•The eCrime landscape has always been dominated by three or four distinct malware families, but how different are they really? We take a deep-dive into the most common yet dangerous malware families and discover some interesting overlaps that suggest co-operation amongst their developers.

In parallel to the main presentations, we will be running a Cyber Capture the Flag competition. Try some of the tactics our researchers are talking about in the presentations, and see how far into our server you can go in the hunt for the flag! Prizes will be awarded to the best hackers!

Why attend the virtual Global TI Summit?

•Participate in discussions with your peers via virtual chat rooms
•Engage in live Q&A with all presenters
•Use the “Ask the Experts” feature available for the duration of the event
•Access digestible downloadable takeaways post-event
•Revisit any live presentation on-demand
•Cyber Capture the Flag Competition

While you can earn CPEs, you will need to self report. Be sure to save a copy of this meeting, and your registration confirmation for credits.


Online Instructions:
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