Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI 101 Seminar

Starts:  Oct 19, 2023 09:00 (ET)
Ends:  Oct 20, 2023 17:00 (ET)

In this comprehensive two-day course, participants will delve into the transformative power of Generative AI, with a special emphasis on popular platforms like ChatGPT, Bard, DALLE-2, and Midjourney. Beginning with a brief overview of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the course will lead you through the fascinating world of Generative AI and its role in reshaping industries. Through a mix of theoretical understanding and practical hands-on sessions, you will master the operational use of these platforms to solve real-world problems and drive innovation in your organization. The course will cover potential challenges, ethical considerations, and practical applications of Generative AI, preparing you for a future-oriented, AI-driven operational landscape.

Please take a moment to hear from the instructor, Jim Wiggins, about the course and how it will help you understand the Generative AI landscape more fully.  Jim has over 26 years of cybersecurity experience.


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