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Sponsoring Cyber Awareness for Lockheed Martin Employees

We have partnered up with Lockheed Martin in coordinating a Cyber Awareness event on Wednesday, October 23rd from 11AM to 1PM.

Our chapter will be sponsoring the Madison City Schools Cyber Academy students who will be interfacing with LM employees on simple ways to think and apply cyber in their everyday life. Lockheed HR representative will meet with the students and explain a new high school internship program at Lockheed for multi-discipline career paths.

We believe this would be a great platform to get exposure to these students with the excellent Lockheed Martin workforce and intern opportunities. We also hope this will serve as an opportunity to bring talent forward to where it may be most needed.

The ISACA Huntsville Chapter continues its goal to create and encourage a Cyber and IT career pipeline in support of the defense of our nation.