Star Wars: How an ineffective Data Governance Program destroyed the Galactic Empire

When:  Aug 16, 2019 from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM (ET)

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Star Wars: How an ineffective Data Governance Program destroyed the Galactic Empire


The Galactic Empire in Star Wars Episode 4 was destroyed not by a farmboy from Tatooine, but by an ineffective Data Governance Program. Regardless if you are a traditionalist and follow the original story of Kyle Katarn stealing the Death Star plans out of the Danuta base form Star Wars: Dark Forces or if you believe the new cannon established in Rogue One where Jyn Erso and her team transmits the Death Star plans to the Rebel Alliance ships overhead the planet of Scarif the results is the same. Bad Data Governance practices allowed the Rebel Alliance to blow up the Death Star and ultimately survive the battle of Yavin and go onto eventually topple Emperor Palpatine. This talk will be 100% vendor agnostic and will focus on tools, techniques, and strategies that attendees may take back and implement leveraging either tools that they already own or tools that will be new to their environment. We will discuss aligning Incident Response and Data Governance to ensure proper stewardship of critical and regulatory data. Hopefully after this talk you will not ‘find my lack of regular expressions disturbing’.


Micah K Brown, IT Security Practitioner


Micah K Brown is a member of the IT Security Engineering team at the Munich RE Group.  Over the past four years he has served as the lead Engineer on the DLP implementation for Data Loss Prevention for the Munich RE organizations around the globe. In this role Micah has learned a new appreciation towards data first focused security.  In his free time, Micah serves on the Greater Cincinnati ISSA Chapter as Vice President.  Micah graduated from the University of Cincinnati and holds an active CISSP.



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