ISACA Kenya International Workshop

Governance, Risk and Assurance for Digital Trust

Enterprise leaders have no choice but to carefully consider how to address issues and challenges arising from the rapid changes, brought about by implementation of new technologies in delivering value. This is applicable in all sectors – public sector, financial services and insurance, health, manufacturing, etc. Digitization has become a key imperative in the realization of enterprise strategy. Stakeholders, customers, staff, suppliers and the affected communities therefore, need to know that their digital relationships with the organization are trustworthy.

This sought after ‘trust’ relates to security, privacy, risk, assurance, quality and governance practices. These are the factors which contribute to digital trust. In response to this realization the ISACA Kenya Chapter has partnered with Kazmirci Associates to craft a workshop where delegates will get an opportunity to interact with and hear from international experts addressing different perspectives on digital trust. The workshop will be held at the Feronya Hotel, Taksim, Istanbul, Turkey from 13th to 17th February 2023. 

The theme of the workshop – ‘Governance, Risk and Assurance for Digital Trust’ will be espoused through the following broad topics:

  1. The modern-day executive’s outlook on digital trust
  2. Effective governance for the digital organization
  3. Leveraging risk effectively during the digitization journey
  4. Implementing the right assurance metrics for success – strategic and tactical program metrics
  5. Understanding your role, defining others’ responsibilities in a digital enterprise

Why you should work with ISACA professionals

“ISACA professionals are global IT audit, governance, security, risk and privacy experts. All ISACA-affiliated professionals are digital-trust practitioners, because each ISACA core domain facilitates digital trust. Digital trust cannot exist or be assured without audit, governance, security, risk and privacy; therefore, professionals in these fields are ultimately working toward supporting digital trust. All of these domains are key partners in supporting digital trust; no one domain alone can work in a silo to ensure digital trust exists.” (DIGITAL TRUST: A MODERN-DAY IMPERATIVE, © 2022 ISACA)


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