Government and Regulatory Affairs

The ILC GRA is informing Members about public consultations on emerging issues and regulations which may be of interest to them and their respective organisations.  Should you be interested in participating, are already active, have professional views to offer, or have any related questions, requests or feedback, please contact the ILC GRA Team: Peter Drabwell ( and Olivia Bosch (

UK Government (DCMS) Developing the UK cyber security profession

Deadline Friday 31st August 2018 (ILC GRA Request Input by Friday 24th August 2018)

Cyber security professionals in the UK are already among some of the best in the world, but need to further develop the right skills, capabilities and professionalism to meet our national needs across the whole. In the National Cyber Security Strategy, published in 2016, the Government made a commitment to develop the cyber security profession in the UK. This consultation sets out bold and ambitious proposals to implement that.

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Age Appropriate Design Code

Deadline Wednesday 19thSeptember 2018 (ILC GRA Request Input by Friday 14thSeptember 2018) 

The Information Commissioner (the Commissioner) is calling for evidence and views on the Age Appropriate Design Code (the Code), a requirement of the Data Protection Act 2018 (the Act). The Act supports and supplements the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  This call for evidence is the first stage of the consultation process. The Commissioner seeks evidence and views on the development stages of childhood and age-appropriate design standards for Information Society Services (ISS).

Financial Stability Board (FSB) – Cyber Lexicon Consultative Document

Deadline Monday 20thAugust 2018 (ILC GRA Request Input by Friday 17thAugust 2018)

This consultation seeks input on a draft Cyber Lexicon which comprises a set of 50 core terms related to cyber security and cyber resilience in the financial sector.  Comments are invited on the draft lexicon and specifically on questions set out in the consultation paper, e.g., to review criteria for selecting and defining terms, amend existing or add new terms, and identify good practices to maintain the lexicon. After consideration of responses, the FSB intends to finalise the lexicon for delivery to the G20 Summit in November 2018.