Webinar: Experiences from the Cyber Battlefield

When:  Mar 24, 2021 from 18:30 to 20:30 (GB)

As the war on cyber attacks continues to gain momentum, information security teams everywhere are drowning under an ever growing barrage of cybersecurity threats, where attacks come thick and fast, and with increasing severity, the number of people with experience of the cyber battlefield is growing.
And that’s why at #ISACALondonChapter we are excited for our next event - Experiences from the cyber battlefield - an incident response panel.

Our expert panel will come together from different industries and professions, but the common factor between them all is that they have been there on the front lines in the aftermath of a cyber attack. Join us as we learn from them, and hear their stories about supporting organisations of all types in their efforts to recover from cyber attacks including #Ransomware, #DataPrivacy breaches, or #DenialOfService attacks and more.

At ISACA London Chapter we are dedicated to supporting IT, audit and risk professionals in their daily roles and professional development. This panel is a unique opportunity for cyber IT professionals to see cyber attacks from the perspective of the professionals who are called in to deal with the aftermath.



United Kingdom
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