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  • ISACA Luxembourg Update - June 2024

    A Message from Phil Frimpong, ISACA Luxembourg Chapter President

    Dear ISACA Luxembourg Chapter Members,

    It is time to celebrate!  If you are working in Luxembourg, Luxembourg’s national day, June 23, which falls on a Sunday.  This means an extra day of vacation to take whenever it suits.  Before you leave for the summer, however, there are a few points to highlight.

    Tuesday, June 18, 2024, is the ISACA Luxembourg chapter’s annual general meeting (AGM).  This is held once a year, and it is an opportunity for the president to keep the members updated on how our ‘not for profit’ organisation is running.  I am pleased to say that our membership has increased by 25 people over the previous period.  Excellent training continues to be offered.  Finally, the events, which brings us together, have featured great collaboration with our London colleagues as well as highlighting amazing local Luxembourg speakers.  

    I would like to recognise Shaun McGrath, our board member who is in touch with you often.  He sends out the event invitations as well as recording your CPEs (a very important person to know).  Shaun is Canadian, from Montreal, and moved to Europe in 2008. After a year in Paris, he and his wife were looking for a calmer, greener environment for the family and moved to Luxembourg.  Since then, 2 kids, 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 hamster and a few fishes have been added to complete the family!  

    Looking forward, the ISACA Luxembourg board’s main goal this year will be to continue to improve the brand recognition and awareness of ISACA in Luxembourg and the greater region.  The budget in this area will increase in the next year in order to engage a media company to facilitate this task.  This will help make the ISACA credentials even more meaningful in the marketplace. 

    Students are important to our membership.  I would like to highlight the research project that Crismely Jiménez is doing for her IT Security Management Master’s degree.  She is collecting information through a survey on what are the challenges of the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) for Luxembourg’s financial institutions.  This will take less than 10 minutes, and there is no personal data collected.  Only leave your email address, if you are interested in the results.  Please help Crismely with her project here: or through her LinkedIn profile:

    I am looking forward to the event on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, @ 5:30PM, not only will the AGM take place, but also M. Jean-Pierre Faber, Executive Committee member and Director at the CSSF will talk about ongoing changes in the regulatory landscape and how the regulator is evolving to continue to meet its objective by integrating new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. To register for the event, please use the following link:

    Looking forward to your continued participation,


  • 2024/06/18 - CSSF roadmap to AI adoption - Presentation material available

    Dear members,

    The presentation material of our previous event on CSSF roadmap to AI adoption by Mr Faber is available below.

  • 17/01/2024 - New Year Message from ISACA Luxembourg's President

    Dear ISACA Luxembourg Chapter Members,

    As we are still in January, I and our chapter’s board members would like to wish you a Happy New Year.  I hope that you were able to take time off during the year end to refresh and recharge yourself.

    I like this time of the year.  I try to work out what will be important in the new year.  2023 was a good year, for me, but in 2024 I really need to find time for myself.  I will put some systems in place to make sure this happens with the least amount of friction possible.  I will be intrinsically motivated, using my time for things that give me energy and happiness. I will also add some extrinsic motivation.  A reward could be scheduling some time to go to the place that my father used to live and honouring his memory.  I don’t plan on shedding, cleansing, or reinventing myself, but I do know that I will need this time in order to be successful in other domains in 2024.  Well being and good mental health are foundational.  I do not take them for granted, and it is especially important now, as the festive season is over, and the days are short and cold.  I hope to continue this conversation by securing a speaker on this topic.

    At the beginning of the year it is also appropriate to consider what will be the key trends for 2024.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems like an obvious choice.  Although this newsletter was not written by ChatGPT, I do not exclude the fact that it may be used in the future.  ChatGPT is not the only large language model (LLM).  France has one called Mistral.  In India there are two, Krutrim and Sarvam.  Abu Dhabi also has a platform, AI71, with Falcon being the LLM component.  There are some firms that do not allow employees to use LLMs.  They are building private LLMs to prevent any unauthorised gathering of information.  From an audit perspective, generative AI policies are still few and far between.  ISACA, however, has created a  guide with key AI policy considerations. There is also an infographic with additional information, here, to keep you up to date with the latest industry thinking.

    With DORA coming into force this time next year, I hope that you are following the advise of Cecile Gellenoncourt from the CSSF, our speaker in June, 2023.  

    The board and I are still working of the schedule of events in Luxembourg for 2024.  We need your network and ideas to complete the agenda.  Please let us know all your suggestions for tops and speakers.

    Wishing you and your friends and families a safe and successful (however you choose to define success) 2024.


  • ISACA Luxembourg Update - November 2023

    Message from Phil Frimpong, ISACA Luxembourg’s President

    Dear ISACA Luxembourg Members,

    Welcome to ISACA Luxembourg’s November newsletter.  

    Recapping events in October, Paolo Sironi spoke to ISACA Luxembourg members, and ISACA London members joined by video conference, about his book: Banks and Fintech on Platform Economies, Contextual and Conscious Banking.  Everyone at the event received a free copy, and the author was available to sign it.  As always, it was a very convivial evening with plenty of time to network and enjoy the delicious Namur canapés.

    Alexandre Castaing, Vice President of ISACA Luxembourg, and I had the opportunity to meet ISACA representatives and other chapter members at the Dublin conference in October.  The key theme was the digital trust ecosystem. This is a framework that integrates digital trust into decision-making processes, operational strategies, and the overall corporate vision.  Digital trust is an understanding of the transactions and interactions that constitute a relationship.  It includes the stakeholders and information types that may be involved.  Finally, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cloud computing, and the internet of things (IoT) were identified as technologies shaping the digital landscape.  For more information:

    ISACA’s mission is to advocate for the professionals that it serves.  These were the key goals covered at the conference:

    ·  Increasing ISACA’s relevance and elevate branding in the region

    ·  Engaging with institutions, universities, and relevant public and private entities to drive best practices based on the ISACA standard

    ·  More involvement in innovation to promote a secure from the start approach

    Connections within ISACA are invaluable, and a concrete example of how this helps our chapter was the invitation to the Swiss event (on our LinkedIn page).  Quick tip: keep up to date with all our posts on ISACA Luxembourg's LinkedIn page.  

    Another connection is with Belgium's ISACA chapter.  Together, we are partnering with Solvay Brussels Business School for an Executive Master in Cybersecurity Management.  More to come in the December newsletter, but if you are already thinking about next year’s learning opportunity, please check out the course offering: mention it now because the next program starts on January 8, 2024.

    Looking forward to the rest of this year and into 2024, I hope that many of you will join the year end social event on December 7, 2023.  

    Next year, the goal is to continue the high quality content presented at ISACA Luxembourg events by securing thought leaders in their domains.  As soon as these speakers have confirmed, I will let you know. Obviously, if you have suggestions for events, please let me or the ISACA Board Luxembourg know. 

    Kind regards, Phil