Preventing Emerging & Zero Day Cyber Threats with Deep Learning

When:  Oct 7, 2020 from 11:30 to 12:30 (ET)
Zoom Meeting Presented by: Mike McDowell from Deep Instinct

Mike McDowell is a IT professional with an extensive background in application performance, cloud computing, and cyber security. He joined Deep Instinct in February.

*Zoom information to be emailed upon registration confirmation - 1 CPE Credit will be awarded for participation in this session*

Ransomware is in the news daily and it’s frequency and complexity continues to rise while not discriminating in its targets and victims. As we have seen recently, universities, healthcare providers, governments, large corporations and individuals are all in the cross hairs of cyber criminals. From Maze to Snake, threat actors are getting more sophisticated and targeted in their approaches.

Learn how you can protect yourself by preventing these attacks from even executing and doing harm by harnessing the power of deep learning, a branch of AI that has brought us speech recognition, self-driving cars, and predictive search that is more efficient and effective than machine learning.

Unlike traditional machine learning, Deep Learning utilizes Deep Neural Networks to prevent and predict any threat known or unknown, autonomously in real time while increasing operational efficiencies by reducing false positives.

The session will address the current malware landscape, an innovative approach to protecting endpoints, and live examples of threat protection



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