Modern Techniques for Risk Assessment

When:  Nov 20, 2019 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (ET)
Presented by: Steven J Ross of Risk Masters International LLC

The antiquated formula Risk = Impact x Probability is unprovable and unworkable. In this one-day seminar participants learn why that formula is incorrect and which other techniques that are being used by advanced risk practitioners are more applicable to contemporary enterprises. These methods will make the determination of risk align with both reality and expectation. They make the concept of risk a meaningful determinant for management decision making.

Intended audience: Internal and External Auditors, Risk Managers, Security Professionals, Busi-ness Managers, Financial Executives, Legal Counsel

Learning objectives: Participants in this seminar will learn:
-Why the commonly used formula fails
-Which techniques provide greater insight of operational and financial risk
-The standards that apply risk assessment
-The tools and techniques that can be rapidly put in place in large and small businesses
-How to interpret risk assessment results
-Methods for portraying risk to aid management decision making

Seminar logistics: This is a one-day seminar/workshop (8 CPE hours).



Protiviti Boston - Oliver Street Tower, Floor 2 Conference Room
125 High Street
Oliver Street Tower
Boston, MA 02110