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The ISACA New York Metropolitan Chapter is dedicated to furthering the educational landscape of our IT Professional community. The goal of the Education Committee is to plan, schedule and deliver the latest information technology, security, audit, governance, risk and audit educational training programs and webinars to our members.

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Cyber Intelligence 4 U – Enterprise Cybersecurity in Digital Business On-Demand

We are pleased to announce an on-demand version of our successful Enterprise Cybersecurity in Digital Business presented by Cyber Intelligence 4U.  Students will be able to go at their own pace to complete this course, with weekly check in with the Cyber Intelligence 4U faculty.  Earn up to 80 CPEs for taking this course.

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Members: $1450

Non-Members: $1650

Registration Available between now and 1st September:


Upcoming Course
Fall 2021 Audit and Control of Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI): Maximizing the Gains, Minimizing the Risks
September 30, 2021
9:00 AM-5:00 PM

Dates and Times: All times are New York time (Eastern Standard Time). Please click here to check time and date in your location. 

Date: September 30th 2021

Time: 9am to 5pm EST

CPEs: 7

Course information:

Artificial Intelligence is introducing transformational changes across all aspects of our society. It is delivering insights into complex problems that have eluded humans, providing unique capabilities that in some cases replace humans, and in others outperform humans. Your business most likely has begun to consider or even to adopt AI. But AI is not well understood.

This one-day seminar will provide auditors and managers with an understanding of what AI is (and what it is not), its risks, the methods for auditing and managing those risks and achieving enterprise value from AI, and ultimately how to be a leader in the successful adoption of AI.

Learning objectives: Participants in this seminar will learn:

  • What AI is, how it works, and how it can fail
  • How AI impacts an organization 
    • How an organization may be transformed by AI 
    • What steps an organization must take to prepare itself for the adoption of AI
    • How key roles in an organization are transformed by the adoption of AI
    • How to adopt AI successfully
  • AI risk management 
    • What the risks of AI are
    • How to audit and manage AI risks
    • How to construct a control framework for AI
  • How to promote successful adoption of AI 
    • Governance
    • Data sources and value
    • Project selection and management
    • Effective auditing of risks and controls

Seminar outline:

A. AI Background
a. What is AI (and what is not AI)?
b. Why AI is essential to a business today
c. Benefits and risks

B.  Understanding how AI works (and fails)
a. Rule-based AI
b. Data/Deep Learning-based AI
c. Composite AI
d. AI can get it wrong
e. Adversarial Intelligence
f. Key takeaways

C. Preparing the Organization for AI
a. Governance
b. Role of the Board
c. The AI Ethics Committee
d. Divisional Roles and transformation
e. Case Study – Auditing the AI Planning and Governance Structure

D. Launching an enterprise AI Program
a. Objectives
b. Team and Project selection
c. Critical success factors
d. Risks
e. Controls
f. Case Study – “To Do list” for Launching an AI Program

E. Identifying and Managing AI Risk
a. Axiomatic risk
b. Corollary risk
c. Adversarial AI risk (cyber)
d. Identifying and managing risk
e. Case Study – Developing a risk profile for a project

F. Conclusion

Instructor: Allan M. Cytryn, Principal. Risk Masters International LLC

Who Should Attend: I.T. Auditors, Risk Managers, Security Professionals, Internal and External Auditors, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Managers, IT Management and Staff, Business Managers, Financial Executives, Legal Counsel

CPE Credits: TBD    Capacity:  webinar - 30 people.

Refund policy: 100% refund will be award on or before August 31, 2021.  Note: once class materials or zoom links have been provided will not be awarded for any cancellation/refund request.


Registration details can be found at: