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Keith Bowie

The ISACA New York Metropolitan Chapter is dedicated to furthering the educational landscape of our IT Professional community. The goal of the Education Committee is to plan, schedule and deliver the latest information technology, security, audit, governance, risk and audit educational training programs and webinars to our members.

​Call to Action

The Education Committee is looking for volunteers to participate in committee activities. Please send e-mails to to learn how to get involved.

ISACA New York Metropolitan Chapter partnership with Cyber Intelligence 4U - June/July 2021

The education committee is very excited to announce the start of a new partnership with Cyber Intelligence 4U.  This partnership will provide CI4U’s extensive education catalog to ISACA NYMC member at extremely competitive prices. 

About CI4U

Enterprise Cybersecurity in Digital Business: Over 85% of a business is a digital asset. This explosion in digitalization is parallel to the explosion in cybercrime. Cyber criminals attack the digital assets. They steal data, interrupt business process with ransomware and denial-of-service and cause regulatory penalties and fines based on the data types you process and store in systems and technologies. The digital asset approach is based on 3 years of research with the Fortune 1000 and Cyber Insurance Industry

Program with Proven Success: CIU works with universities, companies, and professionals by empowering hands-on skills-based training programs that are driven by today’s market needs. With over 4,000 graduates since 2018, we’ve moved these thousands of learners into cybersecurity related careers.

CI4U has offices in the USA, Israel, Germany and the UK.


Upcoming Course

The first course being presented as part of the partnership is an 8-week course on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8th June to 29th July, 5:30pm – 9:00pm, providing 80 CPEs at a cost of less than $20 per CPE.


Cybersecurity is the #1 business issue. The Enterprise Cybersecurity in Digital Business course equips students with the fundamentals of cybersecurity from a business perspective. The program is based on market driven content that was created and is taught by over 200 cybersecurity professionals in order to provide students relevant, actionable cybersecurity knowledge and skills.

Module 1: Evolution of Cybersecurity and Cybersecurity Basics

Module 2: Regulations, Standards and Frameworks

Module 3: Maturity and Cyber Tools

Module 4: Cybercriminals

Module 5: Audit

Module 6: Forensics

Module 8: Cyber Insurance

Module 9: Cyber Risk Scoring

Module 10: Cyber in the Boardroom and Cybersecurity Strategies

Module 11: New York State Department of Financial Services Part 500

Module 12: General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)


Registration details can be found at: