Committee Chair

Who are we?

The SheLeads Tech Committee is a newly created committee for our Chapter.  As the lack of women in tech is a global problem and affects the industries we serve, including cybersecurity and IT audit, we feel we have a responsibility as an organization to address the issue of women in tech.   Marie Ivanov serves as the Committee Chair, and Sharon Parker serves as the Deputy Chair. 


The SheLeads Tech Committee shall seek to increase the representation of women in technology leadership roles and the tech workforce.  The overall ISACA International Program has three pillars - Raising Awareness, Preparing to Lead and Building Global Alliances. 

Strategic Objectives:

There are three arms of the overall program:

- "Raising Awareness" will help educate those around us to the issues women face in the tech industry.  This includes Chapter programming and networking events. 

- "Preparing to Lead" will support women as they become leaders in their lives and their careers. This include holding a workshop following an ISACA conference this year and promoting ISACA SheLeads Tech webinars. 

- "Building Global Alliances" includes partnering with other organizations.  Through strategic advocacy work, we will build a coalition of organizations to effect change in the space of women in tech. 

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