Summer 2024 Quantum Computing and Quantum Cryptography

When:  Jun 5, 2024 from 12:00 to 13:00 (ET)
Associated with  New York Metropolitan Chapter

Encrypted data is being stolen from organizations which mathematically takes 100+ years to decrypt. Then why adversaries and nation states are doing it? Because when quantum computing becomes available that encrypted data will take few days to decrypt!

Almost all the mathematics based encryption algorithms will become vulnerable or useless.  Although various organizations and countries are creating quantum-based cryptography, it has not reached a mature state.

These 60 minutes will be more than a wakeup call, it will be 3 Ps - planning, preparation, prevention.

Only 250 seats, please register only if you plan to attend.

Topics to be covered:

1. Harvest now, decipher later

2. Q-bits

3. Strength of current cryptography- symmetric and asymmetric

4. Quantum computing affect on current cryptography algorithms

5. Breakdown of confidentiality

6. Current suggestion- Kyber-512

7. Quantum entanglement

8. Will XOR-based one time pad protect confidentiality?

9. So, what do we do today, and tomorrow, and in future

Who should attend: CISOs, security professionals, IT Professionals, cryptography management professionals, planners, governance.