Confident Presenter

When:  Sep 15, 2021 from 16:30 to 17:30 (GMT)

Confident Presenter presentation by Allan Mole, Performance Coach at TalkTalk.

Everyone will have had times where they have had a great idea or suggestion in a meeting, attempted to express this idea only for it to be shouted down, then later someone else say the exact same thing and gets a positive response from everyone in the room.

We will all have been in meetings or presentations where we are being shown slide after slide of text, and after the first few we just switch off, no matter what the content is or the message that’s being delivered.

Why do these things happen?

The answer is that ideas, even great ones, do not speak for themselves.

This session is all about the power of effective communication, and how we communicate, including the tools we use, can influence people both positively and negatively.