Unpatched, Unprepared, Unprotected: How IoT and OT Vulnerabilities Remain Unaddressed

When:  Sep 18, 2020 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (CT)
Members will be able to register for our free webinar using the included Zoom link and hear from Curtis Simpson who has more than fifteen years of diversified information technology experience with direct information security and management experience in positions of increasing responsibility at Sysco, a Fortune 50 corporation.

Curtis will be presenting "Unpatched, Unprepared, Unprotected: How IoT and OT Vulnerabilities Remain Unaddressed". As businesses continue to transform themselves through technology, the growth in deployment and implementation of connected devices is exploding like never seen before. These are not devices in the traditional sense (PCs, laptops, mobile devices), but rather purpose-built to perform very specific tasks. They are devices that run our business, drive our manufacturing lines, or track and deliver healthcare to patients. These devices are essentially the new endpoint with operating systems, applications, and a network stack connected to networks and even the internet. However, they are rarely ever designed or built with security in mind.

Join Armis CISO Curtis Simpson as he speaks to this ever-growing enterprise risk, corresponding evolution in bad actor strategies, related implications, and examples of how enterprises are already being impacted. He will discuss recent changes to the large and ever-growing attack surface at the intersection of OT, IT and IoT, and speak to the recent disclosure from the NSA and CISA.

We will be offering 1 CPE for attending the entirety of this free webinar, so please sign up at the earliest.


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