President's Message

A warm greetings to all ISACA Orange County chapter members from our board. We, chapter leaders are continuously working towards improving experience for our members. We are not only digitizing most of the platforms such as registration, CPE tracking and feedback forms. We are also working on different ways to deliver cyber security knowledge to our members such as CISA training, webinar, monthly meetings and webster partnership events. 

While we work on all of that, we are also starting to focus on inclusion and diversity among our chapter members (aka chapter family members). We have started reaching out to different groups such as veterans who are transitioning to cyber security industry and women in tech who would like to explore learning opportunities in cyber security. We call upon our chapter members to give us feedback on what else can we do help in this initiative.

As always, we are looking for active volunteers who can be part of our board to run this chapter “behind the scenes” operations. Stay tunes on our chapter website for upcoming events.

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"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth." ―Mohammed Ali

Victor Monga
President, ISACA Orange County