ISACA Silicon Valley 2020 Fall Exam Prep Class

Starts:  Sep 14, 2020 6:00 PM (PT)
Ends:  Oct 19, 2020 9:00 PM (PT)
ISACA-SV 2020 Fall Exam Prep Class
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ISACA Silicon Valley Fall 2020 CISA Exam Prep Class
Monday evenings Sept 14 thru Oct 19, 2020 at your own home
Virtual CISA Exam Prep Class
ISACA-SV will be conducting a virtual CISA Exam Prep class on Monday evenings, from 6:00 pm PDT to 9:00 pm PDT from Sept 14 thru Oct 19, 2020.
What to you need?
 - A computer capable of participating in a Zoom call
- The ISACA CISA Review Manual 27th edition prior to class. Either e-book or printed format) (available at the ISACA online Book Store)
- We recommend the ISACA CISA Review Questions, Answers & Explanations Database as a way to build up your speed in answering the questions, since this is a timed exam.
- The time, energy and commitment to follow thru on the class and taking the exam.
 It would be most beneficial if you read each chapter of the CISA Review Manual prior to the class reviewing the specific chapter. This means you should at a minimum read chapter 1 prior to the first class. This book can be acquired from the ISACA online book store – see the hyperlink in the what-do-you-need list.
The class will be taught by an ISACA-certified trainer for the CISA certification, who also has 12+ years of audit-compliance-governance experience.
What’s the best news? This class will be taught with no charge to the attendees! Sign up now – we expect there to be high demand because of the no cost nature of the class.
Who Should Attend?
Anyone planning to take the new computerized ISACA CISA certification exam as one of the requirements to obtain the ISACA CISA certification.
Why should you attend?
  • The CISA certification is highly respected in business, and is a requirement for many jobs for those who audit and assess an organization’s systems and information technology.
  • Previous attendees report the guidance in exam taking and practice test have raised exam scores by as much as 100 points – which could make the difference between a fail and a pass.
  • We believe this is the lowest-cost path to the certification.
  • The practice exam with a timed period gives you practice with exam-like questions and pressure. Note that the practice exam is a paper-and-pencil exam, not electronic as are the new certification exams
A break-out question and answer period with a subject matter expert from ISACA-SV to discuss why certain answers are the best answer will be very helpful to you – perhaps to understand and better strategize against incorrect answers
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