Mar 2021 Webinar 1 - Top 5 Forensic Learnings

When:  Mar 4, 2021 from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM (PT)
The foundation of any organization in building a relationship with its customers is trust. When security is compromised, then the foundation of trust becomes weak. Loss of business is a high price that most organizations pay for a security breach. There are multiple overarching reasons why organizations fail to detect or respond to cyberattacks. The Top 5 Forensics Based Learning is being collated by observing the recent pattern of attacks, from high profile Forensic Investigations across multiple industries varying from banking to merchant domains. Hence, the Top 5 Forensic learnings will help organizations to improve security and better prepare to defend against cyberattacks. The webinar will cover the breach overview including how the intruders were able to compromise the environment, perform lateral movement to critical systems and lastly meet their end objectives. Further, the speakers will discuss about breach statistics from across the world and in conclusion, will cover the Top 5 learnings from the investigations which can help improve the security posture of organizations.

Renju Varghese

Renju is an authorized PCI Qualified Security Assessor (PCI QSA). He has handled many Information security assessments for leading Banks, Third Party Processors, IT, BPOs, and Payment Gateways.

* Being one of the core payment forensic investigators, Renju has been one of the lead investigators for large payment data breaches.
* He is one of the key product owners for SISA EOT, a patent pending MDR solution that SISA has developed for payment infrastructure.
* Certifications: SANS GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA), CISA, CISSP, PCI QSA, P2PE QSA, PA QSA, PCI 3DS Assessor

Key Speaking Engagement's:

* CPIDR A Threat Hunting and Incident Response Management workshop Singapore and Mumbai
* Speaker at CXO connect event in Bahrain SISA’s Top 5 Learnings
* Speaker at Cyber Security Summit SISA 2018. Real time Data breach live simulation.

Yogesh Patel

Yogesh is an authorized Core PCI Forensic Investigator. He has led many PFI investigations across Asia Pacific, CEMEA and US regions. * He has conducted assessments, certification audits and forensic investigations in more than 18 countries. * Certifications: GCFA, ISO 27001 LA/LI, Core PFI, PCI QPA, QSA (P2PE), PCI QSA, CPISI, CEH, M.Tech. Key Speaking Engagement's: * Speaker at PCI SSC North America Community Meeting and PCI SSC 2020 India Forum * Speaker at SISA Summit * Speaker at various ISACA Chapters Melbourne, Bahrain, UAE, Muscat and Nigeria


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