Webinar: Topic 1: Intro to Privacy Engg; Topic 2: Missing element of cloud security (2CPEs)

When:  Aug 1, 2024 from 17:30 to 20:30 (PT)
Associated with  Silicon Valley Chapter

Topic 1: Introduction to Privacy Enhancing & Privacy Preserving Technologies

Brief: This session will offer an overview of crucial Privacy Enhancing and Privacy Preserving Technologies, which are fundamental to Privacy By Design practices.

Speaker Bio: Technology and business leader with 20+ years at Walmart, Amazon, Nokia, and AT&T in delivering results across e-commerce, big data, and wireless technologies. Since 2020, I have focused on the initiatives related to Privacy Engineering, Data Governance, and Data Sharing.

Topic 2: The missing element of cloud security: discovering your CSPM maturity level

Brief: Background: Cloud security consists of the processes, technologies and best practices that are applied to protect cloud computing environments, applications running in the cloud, their accompanying infrastructure, and the data held in the cloud. One of the basic and most important components of any cloud security program is ensuring that cloud infrastructure is well protected – requiring a well-defined cloud security posture management (CSPM) program and toolset. IT security tools that fall under the CSPM category are designed to detect and remediate misconfigurations, ultimately assisting companies in their compliance and regulatory assessments. Brief: This “6-4-5” overview on how to improve CSPM maturity covers the 6 pillars of CSPM maturity, the 5 phases of CSPM maturity (and how to know which level an organization is at), and lastly the 4 key investments organizations can make today to improve their CSPM maturity. The 6 pillars of the CSPM maturity model are defined based on past CSPM tool implementations. This talk offers high-level guidance on how to identify what stage your organization is at now, where you want it to be, and how to get there. Moving on, the talk outlines the 5 stages of CSPM maturity, defined herein as (1) Ad - Hoc, (2) Developing, (3) Reactive, (4) Proactive, and (5) Optimized. The talk rounds out with an educational, 4-step approach to improving your CSPM maturity, and advancing to the next level.

Speaker Bio: Marina is the CEO and Co-Founder of tamnoon.io which operates in Cloud Security Posture Management (#CSPM) space including Risk and Compliance. Prior to that, Marina enabled Dome9 Security (acquired by Check Point) and Sysdig to become leaders in the Cloud Security Market, driving several large enterprise sales and strategic M&A efforts by focusing on delivering Cloud Security and Compliance products. She is also the Founder of Security-Diva meetup group. 


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