Active Directory Security, presented by Derek Melber

When:  Jan 21, 2021 from 10:45 AM to 1:00 PM (ET)

Hour 1:  Enhancing Zero Trust with AD Security

Active Directory has become the primary target of attackers who stealthily raid companies’ most vital assets. Our industry wrongly models advanced attacks as flows that begin outside your organization, fly through networks and endpoints to eventually reach your data and vital assets. Unfortunately, this model ignores the obvious, all-powerful overseer that orchestrates literally everything in your IT infrastructure: Active Directory. Which, as a consequence, receives too little attention from IT security specialists. However, if AD is given the attention that it deserves, we can reduce the attack surface and reduce the successful attacks. This is completed with a radical change in how we approach AD security. In this session, Derek Melber will describe Zero Trust and how a change in thinking can allow for a rock solid AD security environment.

Hour 2:  Top AD Security Settings that Admins and Auditors Miss

Everyone knows Active Directory! It is a seasoned and known IAM, not to mention that nearly every organization in the world uses it. This being said, there are also many built-in configurations and processes that “just work” without the need for any manual configurations, that many administrators are not aware they are there. Unfortunately, the attacker does and leverages misconfigurations to move laterally and gain privileges. In this webinar, 16X MVP Derek Melber will guide you through the most common settings that attackers know about, but most AD administrators don’t. You will have a full list of items to verify and fix when you are done with this webinar!


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