Implementing NIST Cybersecurity using COBIT 5

Starts:  Apr 29, 2019 8:00 AM (ET)
Ends:  Apr 30, 2019 6:15 PM (ET)

Two day Class for 16 CPES
Presented by Leighton Johnson, Accredited Trainer

Course Description

In 2013, US President Obama issued Executive Order (EO) 13636, Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, which called for the development of a voluntary risk-based cybersecurity framework that is "prioritized, flexible, repeatable, performance-based, and cost-effective." The Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) was developed through an international partnership of small and large organizations, including owners and operators of the nation's critical infrastructure, with leadership by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). ISACA participated in the CSF's development and helped embed key principles from the COBIT framework into the industry-led effort. As part of the knowledge, tools and guidance provided through our Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX)™ program, ISACA has developed a guide and course: Implementing NIST Cybersecurity Framework Using COBIT 5.

This course is focused on the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), its goals, the implementation steps and the ability to apply this information. The course and exam are for individuals who have a basic understanding of both COBIT 5 and security concepts, and who are involved in improving the cybersecurity program for their enterprises.

At the conclusion of this course, attendees will:

  • Understand the goals of the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF)
  • Understand and discuss the content of the CSF and what it means to align to it
  • Understand each of the seven CSF implementation steps
  • Be able to apply and evaluate the implementation steps using COBIT 5

Implementing NIST Cybersecurity Framework Using COBIT 5 Optional Exam on Day Two

ISACA offers professionals who have mastered the content in the COBIT 5 Foundation Course an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge by taking an exam and earning a certificate of completion. These professionals understand the goals and content of the Cybersecurity Framework and how implement the seven Cybersecurity Framework implementation steps using COBIT 5.

The exam consists of 75 multiple-choice questions and requires a score of 50% or higher to pass.


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