Supply Chain Attacks/3rd Party Risk Management

When:  Nov 24, 2021 from 12:00 to 14:00 (AU)

About this event

Whilst Supply Chain Attacks have been a security concern for many years, organizations have been facing a greater number of organized supply chain attacks especially since 2020, and growing over 400% in 2021.

While protective security controls have evolved and improved, Threat Actors (TA) have intelligently shifted their focus to attack more vulnerable supply chain partners making it the majority of data breach incidents reported in 2021.

To address the above challenges, this presentation session will be sharing lessons learned from some of past cases of Supply Chain attacks and Equity Trustees' (ASX: EQT) cybersecurity journey on how they have been mitigating their digital risks across the surface web, deep web, dark web & cybercrime markets to combat the rising supply chain attacks whilst automating the 3rd party risk management.


Beenu Arora, CEO and Co-founder at Cyble

Forward-thinking, entrepreneurial, senior technology strategist, cybersecurity leader, and MBA from London Business School and Columbia Business School, with over 15 years of extensive international and cross-functional experience in technology, cyber-security, risk consulting, and transformation programs.

Akash Mittal, GM - Technology & Security at Equity Trustees

Innovative, intrapreneur, senior technology leader, with 15 years of IT background in information security, software enhancement, regulatory compliance, and process optimization. A firm believer of “innovation is a mindset” and not just a strategy.


Asaf Ahmad