Understanding Today’s Enterprise Risks and Addressing Organizational Limitations

When:  Apr 24, 2019 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM (ET)

Session Description:

Now let’s look at the pace of technology, governance, operations and the fact that the pace of technology changes is outpacing our ability to train and in effect creating skills gaps. What are we doing about it? How do organizations address their customer needs and more importantly protect their customers’ personal information and other electronic assets? You also have competition from non-traditional players who can boast lower costs. Organized global networks of hackers and cybercriminals are working at warp speed using innovative technology and don’t have to play by any rules.

The stakes/stakeholders affected here are: Corner suite Needs of your customers Keeping employees engaged and costs under control in an environment where cost pressures, competition and shareholder value create different pressures Your governance Your technology Your skills (or lack thereof) – essentially training and keeping pace Alignment of your business/technology/skills/customer needs/your competition Management alignment with customer needs and ability to deliver

How does Internal Audit become a partner to bridge this gap without compromising their role, deliver value, providing oversight and ensure viability of your business?

What will undermine everything if not dealt with properly is “Conduct Risk”. What is conduct Risk and how are we dealing with it and stay ahead of the curve?

Please join us in this interactive session where you will be exposed to the new challenges, why our success has been limited and why we need to think differently.

Speaker bio: Bashir Fancy

Bashir Fancy is the Managing Director, Corporation Solutions & Services Inc., providing Risk Management, Governance, Security, Operations, IT consulting services globally. Mr. Fancy is former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Information Processing Society National Board (CIPS). Former  President of Canadian Information Processing Society – Ontario (CIPS Ontario).   Mr. Fancy continues to worked very closely with Colleges, Universities and Corporations across Ontario and Canada. He is helping develop programs for Students.

Mr. Fancy is heading the cyber security task force and has started a cyber security meetup that has attracted a lot of members, including students, where sharing of the current trends, challenges and how to deal with these evolving threats is paramount. He is a thought leader in the fast-paced changing environment of Technology landscape. He has been the Senior Executive Advisor, with Deloitte & Touché and held similar position at Grant Thornton. Bashir Fancy also headed operations at Citibank, headed the Payments business at SNS (3rd party processor that later became known as Emergis when acquired by Bell Canada), and managed operations in Air Canada, including Product Management, IT and Customer Service. As an Auditor he was exposed to many different businesses globally to review their end to end operations, including IT, Risk Management & Security, Marketing & Sales, Finance & Customer Service.  Mr Fancy mentors many executives as well as many students. Mr. Fancy served as the Executive Vice President for Risk Management & Security at Visa International Head Office and was also their Global Head of Internal Audit in San Francisco. He led original team that developed the “Account Information Security” –Data Security Standards (now known as PCI- DSS), impacting any Organization that stores, processes or transmits Credit or Debit card information.

Bashir Fancy, in his previous role as the Head of Risk Management & Security for Visa Canada, developed & implemented a strategy of Fraud Prevention Program that led to 50% reduction in fraud losses, after a growth of 40% per year for 5 previous years. This strategy was adopted globally. Mr. Fancy continues to assist financial institutions globally including the World Bank, Telecoms, Retail businesses and others to deal with the root causes and become efficient, secure and compliant. Mr. Fancy is amongst the very few who understand the Payment business inside out and has extensive experience in Retail, Airline, 3rd party processing and the Banking world that spans many countries. Mr. Fancy’s experience includes Operations, Systems, Finance, Risk Management & Security, Audit, IT, Marketing & Sales and Strategy at organizations that included Citibank, SNS ( initially acquired by BCE and became Emergis, now absorbed into TELUS) –a 3rd party processor that did all the backend processing & point of sale for Canadian Banks and major retailers. Mr. Fancy also held senior management role in Air Canada and the “Supermarket Group”, after starting his career at West, Wake & Price (Auditors) –became part of Price Waterhouse to do his accountancy and then move to take on Technology certification.

Mr. Fancy is frequently asked to speak at Conferences globally and provide advice on Governance, Risk Management & Security, PCI-DSS, Big Data, Analytics, IoT, Operational efficiency and forensic work. He has excelled at change management and does a lot of mentoring to ensure succession planning. Mr. Fancy continues to be involved in Mobile Payments, Mobile Wallets combined with changing landscape of Payment Industry & Technology in general.

Hisham Qaddoumi: Founder / CEO | QWS 

Hisham has been working on Microsoft Technologies since 9 years old, starting with "Microsoft Basic". He started working on SharePoint since 2011 and has been working with this great software ever since. He is passionate about Enterprise Search, Enterprise Content Management and Enterprise Meta Data and has done over a 100 projects on SharePoint, most of them for enterprise clients. Hisham is now working as an independent SharePoint Consultant. He has been a presenter in a lot of SharePoint events, including SharePoint Conference 2010 in Qatar, and has been grateful for all the blessings via SharePoint that allowed him to gain tens of magnificent happy clients.

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