Beyond the Code: Ethics in the New World of Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Joint ISACA & IIA Meeting

When:  Oct 10, 2019 from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM (CT)

**Please note the location change for this event.  Please see below for the updated venue.**

Cognitive technologies have profoundly changed the way we mine data, conduct analyses and communicate information. Technology has distanced us from the context of information, and from other people. But proximity helps us recognize the ethical component of issues. If ethics is driven by empathy and our connection with others, how can we achieve it in a world of algorithms and rules?

The audience will be engaged in interactive experiments and real-life examples to apply ethical judgment in the new world of robotic processes. Attendees will learn how to apply the ‘Mind-lens’ model developed by Dr. Groves and apply it in situations of automated decision making.

Presenter’s Name and his biography: Dr. Toby Groves

Toby is a social cognitive scientist, speaker and writer. He researches innovative thinking approaches that spark insight with a focus on higher-order critical thinking, problem solving and communications. He presents his unique content using vivid mental imagery and radically interactive exercises. His fascinating history spurred a lifelong research journey in advanced critical thinking and communications in expert environments. A popular speaker amongst leading organizations in industry, government, and academia, Toby works with experts that provide society's most critical services including the audit, intelligence, investigative, legal and medical communities.  Toby has a PhD in psychology, an MA in industrial-organizational psychology, and has training in a unique combination of forensic psychology and forensic accounting.



Tulsa Country Club
701 N. Union Ave.,
Tulsa, OK 74127

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