Galvanize (ACL) User Group Meeting

When:  Aug 15, 2019 from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM (CT)
The local Galvanize (ACL) user group will be meeting to continue their discussion related to continuous monitoring.  This event is a no-cost event and anyone is able to attend.  Below are the agenda and location details.  

AGENDA: Continuous Monitoring Demo and Round Table Discussion - Part 2

  • Introductions
  • Demonstration from Nathan Pickard
    • "I've had the opportunity this last year to build a team of two data analysts, journalist, and Scrum Master to develop an analytics suite for continuous oversight.  We are using the ACL (now Galvanize) and Tableau software to create a full package of data analytics and interactive dashboards.  We're using the Agile Methodology for this project, which means we're producing working product and receiving feedback from stakeholders every two weeks.  So far, we've completed Payroll, Purchasing Card, and General Ledger modules.  Each module has been between 30 to 60 analytics and they all work together to show the highest risk process steps, transactions, approvers, employees, and departments.  I'm hoping this inspires dialogue from attendees who are interested in new approaches to audit projects, and I would love your feedback on what we have built."
  • Continuous Monitoring Discussion - Part 2
    • Communications
      • Who/What/When/Why/How to communicate so there is not a feeling of being constantly audited
      • Methods and Tools used for effective and efficient communication
      • How best to introduce CM Program Start Up
    • Operations
      • How to work with operations to avoid duplication of effort?
      • How to work with operations to share info/resources, etc.?
      • How to prioritize CM programs?  Risk?  Materiality?  Ease/Speed of development?
    • Organization
      • Who should research/handle exceptions
      • How should exceptions be handled?
      • What is appropriate timing between exception found, exception research, exception closed?
    • Technology
      • Id/Discuss tools used for communication
      • Id/Discuss tools used for analytics
      • Id/Discuss tools used for data connection/storage
      • Id/Discuss tools used for reporting
Additional Meeting Notes:
  • Use north parking lot only
  • Bring your own lunch/drinks
  • Check in with the receptionist to locate the meeting room
  • CPE is available, but you must sign the attendance sheet with Kerri


SpiritBank - Community Room
1800 South Baltimore Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74119


Kerri Surdahl