2020 Open Source Video Bites

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Signup Deadline: 30 Nov, 2020
Starts: 15 Dec, 2020
Ends: 15 Dec, 2020
Location: Online Opportunity


ISACA is seeking 30 second to 2 minute videos from its professional community to share expertise on a topic or on career development. We are asking you to take an hour or less of your time and self-record a video on a topic of your choice that will be collected and utilized by ISACA to create a library of the videos. ISACA is seeking global participation, and you can share your insights with your global peers. This is a quick way to give back to your profession even if you do not often make your local chapter meeting or attend an ISACA conference.

The content could be targeted to someone who is new to ISACA or to a highly technical member of ISACA. The topic and learning level is up to you! (We ask, of course, that you keep the content professional and keep in mind the cultural differences of the audience.)

Topic ideas can come from anywhere. Below are some ideas just to spark your thinking:

  • How do you plan an audit for a system you know nothing about?
  • IoT effect on information security professional.
  • How to determine whether a certain process is apt for RPA?
  • How do you deal with IT risk in the middle of a global pandemic?
  • How has your CGEIT credential helped you professionally?
  • How do you manage a remote workforce?
  • I’m new to IT audit and I don’t know what a packet is.
  • I’m in the internal audit department, and I want to get more involved in IT Audit.
  • What’s a purple security team?
  • I’ve complied with GDPR; what more do I need to do to comply with CCPA?
  • I work in a DevOps shop, can I still use COBIT 2019?

Within a few days of submitting your application, you will receive an email from ISACA with instructions on how to record a quality video and upload it.

Anticipated outcomes:

  • A robust library of videos that can be shared with ISACA’s global professional community. These videos may be used in promotional marketing messages, posted to ISACA.org, used in training materials, or in other ways. (Note that if you submit a video, it won’t necessarily be published, but you will still get CPE for your effort.)
  • This is an open source way for those across the globe to give back to their profession while educating their peers.
  • This is an open-ended opportunity—no topics are off the table—what tips and tricks can you offer on a topic or to help someone in their career?

Volunteer Criteria:

  • ISACA members and nonmembers who have something to contribute to any of the IT Audit, IT risk, Information security, IT governance and privacy professions.
  • Global participation is encouraged.
  • Videos must be submitted in English.
  • A photo & video release waiver must be on file for the video submission via the volunteer application.

Volunteer benefits:

  • 1 CPE credit will be added to your MyISACA account upon successfully uploading your video(s). CPE credits must be claimed in the area of Contributions to the Profession (20 CPE maximum annually.) CPEs should be calculated at 1 CPE per active hour spent recording your video. Additional time spent recording multiple videos may be self-claimed in MyISACA.

All volunteers must have an ISACA Participation Agreement on file and agree to the video waiver in the application. To see if your participation agreement is active, visit your volunteer profile. Access all volunteer policies here.


Audit & Assurance
Global Community
Knowledge and Content
Learning Solutions

Volunteers Needed:

999 (936 open slots)

Experience Required:

1 to 3 Years Industry Experience

CPE Credits:


Staff Facilitator:

Karen Heslop

ISACA’s Philosophy on Volunteer Engagement

ISACA encourages the active participation of our dedicated professional community in relevant, compelling and innovative activities at both the regional and international levels. With appreciation for the talent, expertise and experience each person contributes, volunteers and staff work collaboratively to fulfill ISACA’s purpose and promise, while benefiting from incredible experiences and accomplishments that instill confidence in our professional and personal growth.