2019 Learning Journey Interviews: USA and India

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Signup Deadline: 20 Oct, 2019
Starts: 21 Oct, 2019
Ends: 15 Nov, 2019
Location: Online Opportunity


This opportunity is only extended to all members and non-member certification holders residing in the specific locations listed below. A limited number of positions are available. 

ISACA is conducting a very important research study this year with residents of the USA and India. The data collected during this exercise will help ISACA understand how we can improve current offerings and develop new ones to better meet your needs.

We have contracted with Conic Group, an international strategic consulting agency to assist ISACA with research at this event. Participants are needed for 1-1.5-hour interview (either in person or via Skype) scheduled at a time and location convenient for you with one of our researchers. During this interview ISACA aims to better understand how you think about your career in Information Technology and the value professional development activities and content provide you along the way.

This research will solely be utilized for internal purposes and any information you share with us will remain anonymous.

Criteria to participate:

  • Must reside or work in one of the following locations:
    • Chicago, Illinois, USA (In-person interview only)
    • Los Angeles, California, USA (Remote interview only. Los Angeles preferred; other California locations encouraged to apply)
    • Seattle, Washington, USA (Remote interview only. Seattle preferred; other Washington locations encouraged to apply)
    • Atlanta, Georgia, USA (Remote interview only. Atlanta preferred; other Georgia locations encouraged to apply)
    • Austin, Texas, USA (Remote interview only. Austin preferred; other Texas locations encouraged to apply)
    • Nashville, Tennessee, USA (Remote interview only. Nashville preferred; other Tennessee locations encouraged to apply)
    • Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, USA (Remote interview only, Raleigh-Durham preferred; other locations encouraged to apply)
    • India (All major cities welcome - remote interview only)
  • Ability to spend up to 1.5 hours in an interview with ISACA's research consultant
  • ISACA Membership OR Certification
  • Current professional within risk, audit, security, governance, and/or compliance.

To apply:

  • Interview times are limited and filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Click Apply above and indicate which date and general timeframe would work best for you. By clicking apply you give consent for ISACA to share your contact details with the research consulting agency to follow up on criteria and scheduling.
  • You will receive an email requesting additional information and must take action promptly. 


  • 2 CPE hours in the area of Contributions to the Profession upon successful completion of the interview
  • Ability to influence future learning products and services offered by ISACA


All volunteers must have an ISACA Participation Agreement on file.  To see if your agreement is active, visit your volunteer profile. Access all volunteer policies here.

Volunteers Needed:

30 (19 open slots)

Experience Required:

1 to 3 Years Industry Experience

CPE Credits:


Staff Facilitator:

Marie Gilbert

ISACA’s Philosophy on Volunteer Engagement

ISACA encourages the active participation of our dedicated professional community in relevant, compelling and innovative activities at both the regional and international levels. With appreciation for the talent, expertise and experience each person contributes, volunteers and staff work collaboratively to fulfill ISACA’s purpose and promise, while benefiting from incredible experiences and accomplishments that instill confidence in our professional and personal growth.