What's New

New Website Launched!

Dear all,

The president and the Board of Directors of the ISACA Athens Chapter are happy to announce that a new website has been created and launched.

The new website fulfills the requirements and follows the template set out by ISACA international and will be able to provide better easier and more complete information regarding ISACA International and the Athens Chapter activities.

This new website contains links to the ISACA.org website for all the information regarding certifications, trainings, knowledge, articles etc. and information regarding the structure, bylaws, contact information, events and announcements of the ISACA Athens Chapter.

We are hopeful that the new website will prove to be a tool for all of us and will improve the access and communication of information regarding ISACA in general and  the Athens Chapter in particular!

We wish you all a healthy, knowledgeable and successful New Year!

Join us at https://engage.isaca.org/athenschapter/home and stay tuned!


The ISACA Athens Chapter BoD