About Our Chapter

The ISACA Boise Chapter has been supporting the community for more than 40 years. Today we have more than 140 members throughout Idaho. Our membership is made up of a diverse group of IT professionals from all experience levels and a broad range of industries, representing some of the largest and most recognized organizations in the area. Many of our members also carry internationally recognized certifications from ISACA, distinguishing them as experts in their respective fields.

Bylaws and Policies

Annual Financial Reports

  • ISACA Boise Form 990 (2022)
  • ISACA Boise Form 990 (2021)
  • ISACA Boise Form 990 (2020)

2023-2024 Chapter Leadership

Position Name Email
 President  Ashley Vanpraag  president@isacaboise.org
 Vice President  Mary Younce  vicepresident@isacaboise.org
 Treasurer  Andy Thimmig  treasurer@isacaboise.org
 Secretary  Deena Emry  secretary@isacaboise.org
 Academic Director  Christine Mariman  academic@isacaboise.org
 Audit Director  Jacky Jackson  audit@isacaboise.org
 Communications Director  Anthony Adinolfi  communications@isacaboise.org
 Membership & Certifications Director  Andrew Micone  membership@isacaboise.org
 Program Director  Brenda Burget  program@isacaboise.org