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President’s Message:

Welcome to the new chapter year!  During the summer, we have been busy planning a year filled with quality education and CPE opportunities.  Additionally, we have continued to reach out through our academic relations program to tap into talent at local universities.  We also held an inaugural SheLeadsTech event that was a great success with a power-packed agenda of leading women presenting on a variety of topics including women’s leadership, awareness, and entrepreneurship. 

Please take a minute to review the table below with upcoming events and CPE opportunities.  I’m hoping you can join us for next week’s event as we will learn more about how to audit Agile and Waterfall development methodologies.

We welcome your ideas and ask for thoughts related to our programs and processes.  Based on recent feedback, we will return to issuing printed copies of CPE certificates.  Thanks for your support and we always seek member volunteers to work on programs and events.  If you enjoy working with other professionals planning, organizing, or delivering events, please contact us.  

Best regards, Debbie Troxell

News and Updates:

SheLeadsTech – Update:

On August 13, 2019, the ISACA Charlotte Chapter hosted the inaugural SheLeadsTech event in Charlotte, NC. The ISACA SheLeadsTech program seeks to increase the representation of women in technology leadership roles and the tech workforce.

This program was the first SheLeadsTech event for the ISACA Charlotte chapter. The event included a power-packed agenda of leaders presenting on a variety of topics including women’s leadership, awareness and entrepreneurship. 

We had strong representation in leading the event that included:

  • Joey Amoako, Wells Fargo Audit Manager
  • Terry Cox, Executive Director, TechWorks
  • Paula Guilfoyle, President & Founder, Claim Leadership, Inc.
  • Jane Smith Patterson, Broadband Catalyst
  • Donna Sullivan, Charlotte ISACA Chapter Vice President
  • Debbie Troxell, Charlotte ISACA Chapter President
  • Dottie Unger, Wells Fargo IT Senior Audit Manager
  • Charlotte ISACA Chapter Program Committee Members
  • Sharon Jones, Ed.D, Founder & CEO thedot. Consulting/ Dottie Rose Foundation/Lady Tech Charmers Podcast

How to get involved in SheLeadsTech in your community

  • Join the global conversation

o    SheLeadsTech - Special Interest Group on “Engage”—Please visit, join, and participate! *Please note, “Engage” is a new web page where ISACA members can sign up to get involved with initiatives sponsored by ISACA’s International Chapter. 

o    SheLeadsTech – If you cannot access the above link, try this one for more information! 

o    Subscribe for updates and look for events in your local market as the program grows 

  • Check out podcast from ISACA Leadership on the program: Practical Security (*cloud site is blocked on WF network) 
  • Become an ambassador
    SheLeadsTech's Ambassador program seeks to engage those who support women in tech, but might not fit the women in tech label. The program is for our allies, our advocates, our sponsors and mentors. It is for the human resources teams that make sure to have inclusive language in their job descriptions. It is for everyone who supports SheLeadsTech. To become an ambassador email us at 
  • Tell your story – What is your story? How did you get to be the leader you are today? Everyone has a story to tell and this is the place to do it. Until we understand the struggles and obstacles women face, we will not be able to solve the underlying problem. Share your story - the struggles, successes, setbacks, and strides forward. Send us an email at

New Chapter!—ISACA welcomes the Ahmedabad Chapter in India. The addition of this chapter brings the total number of ISACA chapters to 222 in 96 countries! 

ISACA Continues 50th Anniversary Celebration

Our Charlotte Chapter, which became a chapter in 1980, continues the celebration. We have events taking place for the whole year and will post everything to our Chapter Website. Please visit our Chapter Website to learn more about upcoming events and our chapter’s role in ISACA’s 50-year history. 

We will also feature a fun fact from ISACA’s history each month, for example, did you know…?


Active Directory: Trivia

Q: In which version of Microsoft Windows was Active Directory released?

A: Windows 2000 Server Edition

ISACA’s Windows Active Directory Audit/Assurance Program doesn’t contain this bit of trivia, but it does give you the tools to properly evaluate Active Directory implementation and management security design effectiveness, as well as operating effectiveness.  

ISACA has been issuing standards and best practices in the IT Audit space since its founding – for example take a look at the first version of Control Objectives, published in 1975, it was a seminal document that outlined data processing audit and control best practices: 

The more things change, the more ISACA leads the field!


  • Quarter 1 Program Day - 03/10/2020
  • Quarter 2 Program Day - 06/02/2020
  • She Leads Tech 2020 - 08/110/2020
  • Quarter 3 Program Day - 09/08/2020
  • Annual ISACA/IIA Joint Mtg - 10/20/2020
  • Women in Tech Leadership Day - 11/10/2020
  • Chapter 4 Program Day - 12/01/2020

Please note, details for the aforementioned events will be posted 3 weeks prior to the event.

New Members:

Each month, we celebrate our new Chapter members and those transferring in. Thank you for being a part of Charlotte ISACA and making all we do possible!

Meet Our New Members (since last newsletter)

Jessica Crews

Gerald Ferro

Lauren Brooks

James Schwartz


Roy Dela Cruz

Catherine Riddell

Greg Berkin


Brian Siddle

Aparna Veronica Valathati

Cindy Adu Poku

Ian Lassonde

Morgan Heinly

Brian Conner

Charles McGregor

Katera Davis

Sudha Bachina

Nicole Palma

Michael Scott

Christy Tomes

Griffin Reid


Jason Nelson

James Hamalainen

Ravi Kiran Raju Yerra

Orville Harmon

Dennis Gilbert



Transfers to the Charlotte Chapter:

Meet Our Members Transferring to the Charlotte Chapter (since last newsletter)

Ms. Leonila Espiritu, CISA

Kevin D. Andersen, CISA, CRISC

Ms. Julianne Inozemcev, CISA

Tarveras Rogers, CISA

Mr. Michael David Kirchoff, CISA, CRISC

Ms. Tia K. Blyther, CISA, CRISC

Mr. Johnathan Michael Madison, CISA, CRISC

Stefanie Hall, CISA

Help Your Career:

Take the first step today towards your CISA Certification—this certification has reached its 40th year and it is more in-demand than ever. Some key stats:


Registration, New Study Materials Available for Updated CISA Exam—Starting 19 June, all CISA exams will test the updated content.

Reminder—Continuous Testing for Certifications Begins June 2019—Continuous testing for CISA, CISM, CGEIT, and CRISC provides a 365-day exam eligibility period to take an exam. This year-long eligibility allows the candidate flexibility: for example, a candidate can reschedule (as many times as needed) within a 12-month eligibility period without penalty, as long as the candidate reschedules a minimum of 48 hours prior to the testing appointment. More information can be found here.

Academic Relations:

Upcoming Academic Relations Chapter Event:


  • Meet the Firms Day – September 12th at Winthrop University

o    11:00AM – 12:15PM

o    McBryde Hall – 695 Scholars Walk

Meet the Firms Day is a premier networking event that provides employers and professional organizations an opportunity to connect with accounting, finance and computer information systems students.

Student/Academic Initiatives—Current options for students and academia include:

  • ISACA Student Groups: Faculty at recognized colleges and universities teaching courses aligned with ISACA’s core competencies can sponsor an ISACA Student Group (ISG) by forming a group that focuses on ISACA-related content. You can view more information about ISGs here.
  • Rising Professionals Special Interest Group: This online special interest group was created for students and recent graduates who are getting into the IS/IT audit/cybersecurity field. Participation in this group does not require ISACA membership, so share with your colleagues!
  • Academic Advocate Educational Materials: Educational materials are available to current ISACA members who are faculty at recognized colleges and universities teaching courses aligned with ISACA’s core competencies. 


Take advantage of the Webinars available on the website – Register for an upcoming one, or watch a replay!



Other Helpful Information:

  • ISACA Newsroom—Visit to view news releases, surveys, statistics, infographics, facts, etc.
  • ISACA Research Content—To view ISACA research content, visit
  • CBT Testing Sites—Click here to view the most up-to-date list of CBT locations.

Recent ISACA Media Highlights:

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