Authentic Leadership: Owning your Story

When:  Sep 17, 2021 from 12:00 to 13:00 (ET)
Associated with  Melbourne Chapter

In your life, there will be events that shape you and change you. These experiences will define your story.


Growing up in New Zealand, an immigrant family, I had my fair share of challenges, which are not unfamiliar to many. As we traverse through life, our experiences can make us reflect on what identity means, can influence who we are and how ultimately, we can try use this for good.


This philosophy has crafted my views on inclusion and diversity in the workforce namely, intersectionality and my style of authentic and empathetic leadership. This event aims to encourage and motivate people to dig deep into their own stories, using them as a source of inspiration.


Owning your story to develop your own authentic leadership.

Speaker: Emma Gin

Emma Gin

Emma is a Technology Consulting Manager in Accenture’s Technology Advisory practice. Her expertise is in business transformation and delivery management with a people-centric mindset. She has an unconventional pathway to consulting, with an MPhil in Chemistry and this unique background gives her a different perspective in solving problems. As such, Emma is an advocate for all backgrounds of STEM to join consulting.


Emma is passionate about all things Inclusion and Diversity and leads up the I&D team for Technology Advisory. Coming from a diverse background, New Zealand-born Chinese, a background in Chemistry and a competitive salsa dancer – she has used her differences to challenge the status quo and is a believer in being your authentic self at work. Her story and background have also been recognised by McKinsey & Company as a 2021 McKinsey Achievement Award winner which, celebrates diversity and supports young professionals. Observing the effects of the “bamboo ceiling” – she aims to shed light on what being an Asian woman in the workforce means.